Breaking Taboos


Kalchiha is a beautiful village in interiors of Bargarh development block. The village has a labour colony by the name of Suchatha colony. A resident of this colony Bhodu, working in a stone quarry, caught tuberculosis because of continued exposure to dust and inability to take enough and nutritious food. After his death, Bhodu's wife went to work as daily wage labour to manage the family.

Unfortunately Bhodu's eldest daughter fell sick. Her conditions worsened with time and local doctors could not do anything. Somehow, the news of Seema's illness reached Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram. During a visit it was found that the family neither knew about the treatment of ailments, nor had resources for treatment. SSA decided to look after Seema's treatment and advised her to get her checked up at the District Hospital.

The investigations at the District Hospital revealed that she was suffering from tuberculosis, a disease dreaded in the area, and considered by the locals as incurable. The family lost all the hope. SSA had to motivate the family to believe in that the disease was curable with proper medication and diet. The family was made to believe that the Government was taking special measures to cure and control tuberculosis. The motivation worked and with proper medication and motherly care Seema was cured in due time. This was an eye-opener.

Now Seema and her mother are taking care of other tuberculosis patients in the village. They are creating awareness among the people to identify and take curative and preventive measures. They are assisting tuberculosis patients in accessing proper medical care. With Seema's intervention, at least two women patients in the village have been successfully treated for tuberculosis. She has broken the taboo that tuberculosis is incurable.