CCF Project

Project No.: 2883

Year of Commencement: 1997

Project Area: 15 villages and their hamlets in two nyaya panchayats in Mau development block of Chitrakoot district. For demographic details of the project area please click here.

Project Mission

"Providing opportunity and alternatives for upliftment of disadvantaged and marginalised groups including women and children through improved health, information and food security to enable them to enter the mainstream of development."

Project Vision

"Establishment of a society in which every individual regardless of caste, creed and religion can live a life of self-reliance free from poverty and fear."

Project Structure

CCF Project is headed by a Project Manager, who reports to the organisation's secretary and head office. The secretary in turn report to the Governing Board. The Project Manager has programme and administrative staff under him. For the organogram please click here.

Project Administration

  1. Human resource manual is prepared and followed in relation to each point
  2. Monthly meetings organised at the project level
  3. Weekly meetings organised at the cluster level
  4. Personal files updated regularly for each staff
  5. Programme sector offices established in the project office
  6. One coordinator appointed fro each programme separately
  7. Activity files kept and managed separately
  8. Files of each of 1,090 enrolled children maintained at the project office
  9. Quarterly action plan and progress reports being prepared, analysed and reviewed and executed as per plan and budget
  10. All kinds of reports kept in files separately
  11. Performance of the staff members reviewed once in a year
  12. Field movement register maintained for each project staff
  13. Job responsibilities provided in writing to each staff in each sector for qualitative and quantitative results

Project Service Centres

Sl. Service Delivery Centre Name No. of Centre
1. Cluster offices 03
2. ECCD centres 20
3. Support teachers in primary schools 10
4. Knowledge garden 01
5. Adolescent Centre 01
6. Safe delivery centre 01
7. Disability care centre 01
8. User groups 26