Health and Sanitation

Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram

Health problems arise partly due to way of living and working condition. Lack of nutritional food is a major contributory factor in poor health. Poor sanitary conditions again contribute to the poor health. SSA is of the view that only a healthy community can think of its advancement and hence it is intervening in this area.

Probably the most important aspect of health and sanitation is the linkage of the community with the health service providers like District Hospital, Primary Health Centres and Sub Centres in the government sector and non-governmental providers like Sadguru Sewa Sangh Trust. To represent the community in a better way, health committees have been formed in all the operational villages. Community health volunteers have been identified in each village. Efforts are also underway to establish linkages with health committee of panchayats.

Health interventions cover tuberculosis, seasonal diseases and communicable diseases. There is a high rate of tuberculosis prevalence in the operational area. Special drives have been launched to identify people suffering from tuberculosis. Most of the people are not aware about the prevention of seasonal diseases like pneumonia, cholera, small pox and skin diseases. Moreover, people are not taking initiative for timely treatment and, therefore, chances of spreading such diseases increase in the area. As far as communicable diseases are concerned, education and sensitisation are the key to stop their spread.

Regular meetings are organised with the community to sensitise and educate them about adopting sanitation and hygienic practices, ensuring clean drinking water and other safeguards to prevent the occurrence of a number of ailments. Staff of the PHCs are also involved to provide tips to the community. Street plays too are organised for creating awareness among the people.

In addition, latrines, soak pits, drainage and channels have been constructed in many villages. Sanitation campaigns are launched from time to time to mobilise the community to clean roads, latrines and drainages.