Natural Resource Management

Major problems in the area arise from the neglect of natural resources over the years, despite the fact that the area once had rich forests, plenty of water bodies and water retention structures. The effort in natural resource management is on rejuvenation of these resources.

As a result, watersheds have been developed, ponds have been dug and in the barren, rocky lands, contour bunding has been carried out. Leveling of the land has been done, and gully plugging and outlets have been developed to retain moisture, increase irrigation, impound water in the sources and prevent soil erosion.

The committees in the watershed area have been provided training in management practices. Horticulture is an important activity and vegetable are also being cultivated. Animal husbandry activities have been taken up. A seed bank has been established. A laboratory has been set up where pesticides and insecticides are produced and utilised. Research on increasing production and productivity of local varieties and possibilities of cultivating new varieties is also done.

In all the activities, linkages with relevant government departments are being developed since keeping in with our approach our aim is to enable the community to gain access to the resources they are entitled to.