Transformation of a School


This is the tale of a school by the name of Shri Narain Das Agarwal Memorial Primary School. Once this school had no place for the children, drinking water was very dirty and the school garden was ill maintained. The children were hesitant in dealing with teachers. Parent and teacher meetings were held only for namesake and there was no proper agenda and proceedings in the meetings. Children had no participation in school activities. Though the school premises were cleaned daily, the children were not aware of personal cleanliness. On top of it all, teaching learning materials were not used properly.

As a part of its Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP), Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram decided to intervene in the affairs of this school. This programme is being implemented in government and private schools so as to develop a relationship between different stakeholders and to reduce the distances between them. As a part of the programme, the teachers are given training (adhar and adhikar).

After the training of teachers, several changes can be seen in the school. Capacity of teachers has increased and their teaching skills improved. Children have developed a taste in the studies. Enrolment in the schools has increased. Seating arrangement has changed. Now the children participate in different activities of the schools actively and effectively.