Child Rights
One of the prime focus of SSA is to ensure that all  children enjoy their rights and play a central role in development of ‘Child Rights’. Several programmes are implemented on the ground for advocacy and to generate awareness of the same. We look forward to continue to work together towards our shared goal – Securing the rights of all children to grow, develop and prosper in an environment that empowers them through care, warmth, respect and understanding. SSA works on three basic rights of children, namely, right to survival; Right to protection and Right to development.

Health and Sanitation
Diseases related to unhygienic conditions and poor sanitation are among the world’s most deadly public health problems. There are still millions in India who lack access to an improved
water source. This means that scores of people often risk their health with poor quality water, paying over the odds and having to carry water over long distances. SSA is working to promote awareness and action towards water and sanitation to maintain hygiene and health among the people of rural India. The initiatives include workshops, meetings, demos and interactions with the people of the community.

SSA works to address the livelihood challenges of the marginalized people in tribal and rural region to bring positive change in their lives. SSA is always working towards bringing in new innovative techniques with indigenous knowledge to create livelihood opportunities. SSA also conducts analysis and planning of the local resources for their optimum utilization. Through its skill development programmes, SSA creates livelihood opportunities at the local level. This has made a significant and a positive impact on the people of the community.

Water Conservation

SSA has undertaken significant grassroot level work towards water conservation and management in the rural scenario. Mass awareness is being spread by the organization on water conservation and management. The rural community is being made aware to save the natural water resources. Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram has changed the lives of thousands of people by getting them to practise rainwater harvesting and water conservation.

Livestock Development

Livestock forms the main capital reserve of farming households and in general, improve the financial feasibility and sustainability of a farming system. Working with diverse livestock rearing and farming communities, problems are defined. Therefore, different strategies and approaches are identified and implemented. The experiences are then documented, which serve as an input for enriching the activities, strategies and policies of the organisation.


SSA uses advocacy as a strong tool to support the people of the rural communities. During the advocacy drives the team is constantly networking with the concerned authorities to ensure that the stakeholders can avail their rights and facilities. The team also supports and monitors the relevant activities and schemes such that its benefits reach all its beneficiaries.
Recently, a case of malnutrition was referred to the administration to intervene so as to provide proper treatment and health care to the mother and her newly born child.