Mithila a 45 year old woman works hard all day breaking stones to bring home a daily wage of Rs150/- and simultaneously finds time to look after her small ‘kitchen garden outside her jhuggi.

Mithila lives with her family of 3 young children and her husband is sick and is almost bedridden, so the entire responsibility of looking after her children and her ailing husband is on her. Unfortunately, her earnings were never enough to give her family a full meal.

Despite her busy schedule at the stone field Mithila took no time to get motivated to participate in the Nutrition Drive being conducted by the SSA team. She and her 16 year old daughter took part in the training programme and started to develop a small patch of rocky land near their home. Their efforts showed great results. Mithila  feels so happy to pluck cauliflower; radish;carrot;coriander; spinach  etc – all grown organically, from her very own garden and cook a  fresh and healthy meal for her children and husband – Its like a dream come true. She says that all her fatigue vanishes when she sees her vegetables grow in her garden. She expresses her gratitude to the SSA team and the Child Line Programme for giving her and the other women of her community ) Nayidunia Baratkoop Adiwasi Basti-Chitrakoot District)  the right direction. She hopes that with this initiative no one in her Basti will sleep hungry and that they will gradually improve their health.