Sheela Devi lives with her family  in a small Basti  in Baratkoop – District Chitrakoot(UP). She has 3 small children aged between 3-9 years. They, like many others of the basti live under extreme poverty conditions as the only source of income of Rs.150/-per day which her husband ‘kalu’ brings home after a laborious day of stone breaking is just not enough to make 2 ends meet forget about eating a proper meal. Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram took on the initiative of implementing on ground a Nutrition week drive With the support of Child Line programme  to celebrate the month of September 2020 as the ‘Poshan Mah declared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.The SSA team motivated the women of the community to grow their own ‘kitchen garden’ by giving them the training and distributing seeds. It is through this initiative that Sheela now happily cooks meals for her family. She says that not only does she have enough vegetables for her family but is also able to share some with her neighbours. Sheela very innocently says, ‘I do not understand anything about nutrition but all I know is that now my family will not sleep hungry and I can cook a meal that will fill our stomachs.” Sheela is looking forward to now grow the summer vegetables and seeks for continuous guidance and support from the SSA team.